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  • IAGenerosity (Imagining Abundance)
    Grateful for this wonderful review of Imagining Abundance: Fundraising, Philanthropy & A Spiritual Call to Service.
    10 days and 12 hours ago from Twitter for iPhone
  • AnuShiAsta (Anu Grace)
    What does abundance mean to you? What do you really dream about? Meditate on what you truly wish to manifest into...
    10 days and 16 hours ago from Facebook
  • fashioncodeine (E)
    every time a once caged bird soars above the li(n)es of limits, charting his own course to consciousness, awaking to dreams- fulfilled.
    10 days and 17 hours ago from Tweetlogix
  • adymorun (AditiRaoHydariFan)
    @manumoghe May this year be filled with magic&dreams&abundance in all aspects of life-health,happiness,love&success.Have a fabulous 2016.
    11 days and 8 hours ago from Mobile Web (M5)
  • bigman251 (Tee)
    @BossLadyDream Good Tuesday morning Antionette - Hoping your day is filled with an abundance of blessings, wonder, love and joy! ♡ :-)
    7 days and 11 hours ago from Twitter for Android
  • Elijah_4ord (jwebb)
    I sleep light , but I dream big
    6 days and 19 hours ago from Twitter for iPhone
  • brendonkhandy (Brendon )
    I visualize a transition in the light of the horizon caused by the presence of a recurring season
    7 days and 4 hours ago from Twitter for iPhone
  • MyloMU (mylo)
    I visualize the blue cord that connects my soul to yours.
    9 days and 19 hours ago from Twitter for iPhone
  • EchoOwl (Punished Echo Owl)
    Either way @TimOfLegend, might I suggest you try some delicious @hotpockets? I imagine you'd enjoy them.
    1 day and 17 hours ago from Twitter Web Client
  • beckyrbnsn (Becky Robinson)
    @czaucha enjoying my coffee so much. How did you know I dream of a trip to Hawaii? :-) Princesses loved their gift, too! Big thanks!
    18 days and 10 hours ago from TweetDeck
  • Suffice121964 (FSG Endseeker)
    Avril Lavigne Suffering From Undisclosed Health Issue? I imagine anyone who would Marry Chad Kroeger would suffer the same fate
    7 days and 14 hours ago from Twitter Web Client


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